Sunday, February 06, 2005

New Page!!!

So I'm thinking about replacing the main page of my old web page with this one. So far so good.....

On to the update.......

Went to see Bowling For Soup Friday night with Doug and Shane. Really great show. Although, the very first opener - MC Lars...was terrible. Sorta like Vanilla Ice, but worse. Seriously. Just painful to watch. Just wanted to thank you again Shane, for making us get there early to witness that. Ha!

I vowed to go to less concerts this year, but I've already got 6-7 planned in the next month and a half. Plus, I'm planning a trip to NYC to see some bands, AND I'll probably go out to Tempe sometime this year as well. Less concerts....yeah right.


At 5:35 PM, Blogger spencer said...

less concerts this year is my new year's resolution... every year.


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