Sunday, February 20, 2005

Rock n roll weekend

First off.....I'm 94.3% better. Thanks to all for the kind wishes.

Now on to the update.

Three concerts this weekend.

Friday night: I went to see Social Distortion. But when I got to Promowest, I was pissed to find out the show was cancelled. This is only the third time in , what, 20 years of going to concerts that I've had this happen. The other two, fyi, were Bad English in '90 (screw you guys, their cd rocked!) and Meatloaf in '94 (again, screw you guys, I had free tickets). So that was a wasted trip. 100 miles each way, damn you Mike Ness!!!!

Saturday night: Travelled once again to Columbus, this time to go see Kings Of Leon. They put on a great show. Two thumbs up. The opener, Vagenius was great as well.

Sunday night : Which hasn't happened yet, but I'll give you the rundown anyway. Making the trip to C-Town for a third time this weekend to check out Kings Of Convenience at Little Brothers. I'll update you on how this show went (plus, hopefully I'll get some snapshots) tomorrow night.


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