Thursday, March 31, 2005

Lots to update

Whooooooo.....been a busy week for me. Last Saturday was a sad day for me. My favorite hangout closed for good. I decided to go down one last time to say goodbye. There was a time when I practically lived there, (that would've been from 1995-2001). I lost my driving privledges in '01 for a while due to some , ahem, stupid stuff of my own doing and I really never went back on any regularity since. I ended up seeing some of the old gang who came to say goodbye also.

That's (clockwise from bottom) Sarge, Brian, Todd, Bill, Madge, and Deb.

The drinks were free and I ended up walking out with a couple of those sweet mugs. Those were my buffalo tenders getting cold on the bar, btw.

Well miss you, D.

Sunday = Easter dinner at moms. It's always interesting when the whole family gets together.

Monday I went to see Dogs Die In Hot Cars at Little Brothers.


One of the opening bands, Phoenix, were, by far, the best band of the night. I'd say half the crowd was there to see them. I'm basing this on the fact that half the crowd left after their set. They should've stuck around, because DDIHC played a great set as well.

Phoenix playing for the first time in Columbus

Dogs Die In Hot Cars (notice how much closer I got after the crowd left?)

Another shot...

Close enough to see his dental work.

The rest of this week was spent looking at and test driving new cars. Yes, I traded in the Money Pit and bought a new car. I picked it up yesterday. I ended up getting a Honda Civic. I'll snap a photo of it and post it up here soon.

That takes us up to the present. Next week is my trip to NYC. I might be meeting up with some friends while I'm there, so check back for photos from that.

I think that's enough of an update. See ya later.


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