Monday, March 06, 2006

Back fron the dead

So.....I'm going to try to start updating this regularly again. Been a crazy weekend, so here goes. Friday started the weekend off with blacklight bowling at King Pin with Matt & Kathy. I bought a new bowling ball a couple weeks ago and I'm still getting used to it. I think I pulled something in my elbow, because it's Monday and it still hurts like hell. My PBA career is probably over before it even began. Saturday, I went and caught a couple shows in Columbus. First up was Augustana and The Damnwells at The Basement. Really great show. This was my fourth time seeing Augustana and they keep getting better every time. The Damnwells really blew me away, tho. Really great live show. I picked up their cd on the way to my second show, Wheatus, at Little Brothers. I was suprised at the small crowd when I got there. Wheatus didn't disappoint. Really a great set by them. The basically just take requests from the crowd and have fun. Got to hear my favorite song by them, Lemonade, and snapped a couple pictures with my phone.



Crappy pictures, I know, I should've taken the camera. Next time. So on Sunday my two nephews came over and hung out. They like to come over and play Playstation. It's fun. I get to beat little kids at Madden. They drink all my pepsi. Even trade.

Which brings us to the present. I think I'm just going to chill around the house and do laundry today. I've got a serious buttload of shows coming up, plus with warmer weather coming, I'm gonna start taking mre pictures. That's it for now. More to come. Later.