Saturday, September 30, 2006

Vegas baby, Vegas.

So Matty and I decided he needed one last hurrah before he becomes a daddy, so we hopped on a plane and headed to Sin City. The plan was to fly in Saturday night, go see GNR on Sunday at the Hard Rock, and then head home Monday afternoon. Pretty quick trip. Long enough to lose the clothes off my back, but not long enough to lose the house.

We get to the Tropicana and check in, and they inform me that the room I'd reserved wasn't avaliable, but that they had one with a king size bed instead. WTF? Not much I could do, bastards. There was a couch in the room as well, so I claimed that and let Matt have the bed.

Now about this bed.....I'm thinkin that they use this room as the honeymoon suite, cause there were freakin mirrors everywhere. Over the bed, beside the bed, behind the bed. Here's a pic of Matt trying to hide on the bed.

Matt, do you realize how much semen is on that bedspread?

It's a little blurry, but I was laughing so hard taking it. Matt kept yelling at me from under the pillow. Somethin about not wanting people to see this shit. Oops.

About 3 am, we're trying to sleep and there's a group of drunk people from a couple doors down riding a room service cart down the hallway and crashing it into stuff. We took turns watching this through the peephole and it was hilarious as fuck seeing some dude go flying face first down the hall on this cart, and then hearing the crash from him slamming into a wall. This lasted for about 40 minutes and then security showed up and booted them outta the hotel. THAT'S why we didn't go into the hallway to watch. Although I would've loved to have gotten a couple pics. I did get a pic of the damage they did the next morning.


This was the door right next to us. They also had messed up a couple of walls on down the hall. Funny stuff.

We ended walking around a bit Sunday. Here's a couple pics.

New York, New York
MGM Grand

Wait...let's look a little closer at that sign.

Laces OUT, Dan.

Hooters Hotel was pretty cool. The smell was unbelievable. The whole place smelled like their chicken wings. That made my super hungry. But we didn't eat there. No --I had somewhere else I had to go.

Now THAT'S what I'M talkin about. 2x4 Animal Style with fries. I was in heaven. They NEED to get these out east.

After that, we walked around some more and I took some more pics.

Gotta get my Goose on. What? The horse seemed surprised.

Matt, how the fuck is he supposed to see where he's goin?

The GNR show that night was great. They played for 2.5 hours. We caught a cab back to the hotel and crashed.

Monday we checked out of the hotel and wandered around some more until it was time to leave.
We caught the monorail at MGM and took it up to Harrahs. Tickets for the monorail were 5 bucks for everyone, except me. I put a 20 in the machine for my ticket and it gave me 14 dollar coins as change - and one Chuck E Cheese token. It's not even the same size! Dammit. We ended up walking up to the Venetian, so here's a couple of pictures from there.

Matt swears that those gondolas have motors on them. I'm not sure.

The Mirage.

I asked these guys if the monorail ticket machine ever screwed them, but they weren't talkin.

After that, it was time to head home. Tired, broke, but happy.


That's all for now. Monster post for me. I've got NYC coming up, so keep checking back.