Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's hottttttttt......

I'm sweatin' my balls off here. Hahahahaha..... So here's my second blog update this year. I'm home sick from work today. Went to Quickcare down in Marietta first thing this morning and seen a friend I hadn't talked to in at least 8 years. Time flies. I tried looking her up on Myspace, but alas I couldn't find her. Dammit!

Anyways, I'm off today due to a throat infection. Sore f*&king June. I know what caused it. They just installed a new air conditioning system at work. It's huge....must be 10x10 and they have a duct 4 foot in diameter coming out of it and it's blowing right on me all day long. They only have it running at 25% because if they turn it up any higher, you can see your breath. It's that cold. I'm digging out my toboggan for work tomorrow.

I'm going to see Poison this weekend in Columbus. White Lion was supposed to be there, and they were the reason I was going, but they cancelled. Oh well. It'll still be a good show. Got a few other shows coming up....Police...White Stripes...Interpol...The Killers....should be a kickass summer.

Plus, I've got the beach trip coming up as well. This might be the last trip this year. I dunno. Might hit up NYC again in the fall, not sure yet. I've gotta save some money for SXSW in Austin next March, and Hohmans wedding in Vegas in April. I really need to plan another Tempe trip too. Seems like only yesterday I was going out there 4-5 times a year. I haven't been out there since they tore down Long Wongs on Mill Ave. I miss that place.

Alright, I'm off to take a nap.

I'm sick, remember.